Sweet Butterfly Babe


There will be BRIGHTER DAYS this spring and summer with this cutie by your side!

This gnomie’s body is made of bright pink felt and foam and her arms are a pink and white plaid design. Topping her off is this multi-colored butterfly hat. She is all ready to welcome guests to your home or office with her cute little garden butterfly in hand.   Or ~~ send her as the PERFECT gift for your favorite mom, friend, teacher, or co-worker. 

Quantities are limited! 

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This fun HANDMADE gnome stands alone at approximately 10″ tall from hat point to body base.  Size of tall-hat gnomes are comparable to a 20-24 oz. bottle. 

All gnomes are very lightweight and easy to move, store and ship.  These cuties are created with felt, fur, foam, sweater, cotton, and yarn materials.  Coloration of hats may differ slightly as patterns of upcycled sweater and cotton material allow. 

* Gnomes are for decor purposes only and should not be used as toys – please keep out of reach of children as they contain small parts.  Backdrop decor items are not included with purchase of gnome.

Thanks for looking! 

Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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